3 Reason Why You’re Facebook Ads Are Failing

Marketing on Facebook can be the most intimidating element for any Business, small or large. Facebook has become the most used social media Platform in the world, with over 2.28 billion active users monthly as of March 31, 2019, making this platform a third of the world population. Understandably, you won’t be marketing to all of these people, of course. However, there is a high probability that you’ll find lots of leads in your local market. Where businesses get stuck is understanding how to get their product or services to high-value leads, that are likely to convert into sales. 

1.  You don’t know your Audience.

Many businesses already know their audience, but when it comes to Facebook, they draw a blank. Consequently, this is due to inadequate training or a lack of understanding of Facebook targeting. Granted, you won’t become a Facebook Ad specialist overnight, but with time and commitment, you can learn how to target your Ads to the right audience. If you’ve been selling a product in the marketplace for a while, you already know your audience. Here are some questions to consider when trying to understand your audience. 

Where are my customers located? Local area or worldwide?

What gender are my customers?

What pages do my customers like or follow?

What type of sports or entertainment does my customer like?

How much is my Ad spend Budget? 

Now, these are just basic things to consider when targeting your Ads. If you don’t have a clue to who your audience is, then you might have to let Facebook pixel collect the data and interpret your approach. 

2.  Incorrect interpretation of Facebook Pixel Data.

Facebook Pixel is one of the most excellent tools that Facebook has created. When your running ads, you can quickly get Facebook Pixel breakdown and understand what’s working and what’s not. Many businesses marketing on Facebook don’t realize they’re marketing to the wrong audience. They fail to read or understand the breakdown of all data acquired by Facebook Pixel analytics. After interpreting the data from Facebook Pixel and what’s working is established, you can now accurately target your audience. 

3. You’re not using Retargeting.

Now, this is where the magic starts and where scaling happens. Retargeting is a simple word for targeting just the customers you already have some rapport. Meaning they’ve previously interacted with your add and shown interest. These are the best potential leads that become customers. Retargeting is a missed opportunity that most businesses and marketers don’t use. Retargeting helps you get more conversions, and if that is not what you’re looking, then you are in business to fail. 

As a business owner, you don’t want to waste your money. Facebook Ads, if used correctly, can lead to an increase in sales. Many businesses start on Facebook and see no success end up altogether discontinuing their efforts. They begin to see Facebook as a waste of time, and this is far from the truth. Facebook has changed the game for marketing your products and services, where you can sell to millions of people and not even all while spending only a small fraction of the cost you would pay to advertise on a Superbowl Ad. If you don’t have time to learn and market on Facebook, then hire someone that’s specialized in Facebook Marketing/Advertising. It’s not just a short trend, it’s here to stay, and if you’re not already marketing on Facebook, then you are leaving millions on the table. 

I hope you liked my article, and I love to hear your comments and feedback!

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