Why Does Brand Story-Telling Matter?

  • We ‘re wired to tell stories. In every culture across the world, people tell stories. 


  • In fact, according to a study in Nature Communications, Time reported:  storytellers themselves improve their chances of being chosen as social partners, and receiving community support.


  • As a brand, you are a storyteller and can reap some of those benefits. 

Stories Grab Attention

  • Storytelling is one way to market your products without spamming your customers with noisy ads. 


  • People are inherently more interested in reading or watching something fun than a list of stats and features. Yes, once a prospect is interested in your brand those things can help close the deal. But that can’t be what you lead with. Lead with the family whose life is changed because of your RV, or the business owner who becomes a local leader after your product cuts costs in half. Stories are a huge part of how we make decisions, so starting with story will pull someone in quicker than simply telling them you’ll save them money.

Stories increase Sales

  • Stories don’t just build interest in your brand, your brand followers can spread the word about your business even if they don’t actually buy anything.


  •  Story boosts purchases in addition to simple interest.


  •  Some buyers ignore the benefits of a superior product in favor of the one their gut directs them toward, or maybe there are several options that would all be similarly effective, and the buyer simply is forced to make the decision based on other criteria.


  • For prospects early in your marketing or sales funnel in particular, your story can be what brings them in and gets them to start considering a purchase. 


  • Most prospects are buying based at least partly on emotional connection, so if you’re not selling that way you may be falling behind. Storytelling is one way to engage emotionally, meaning that if there’s a story behind your business and brand, you’re likely to start out ahead of the pack when it comes to selling.

How we can help

  • Majority of the marketing agencies do nit utilize the power of Brand Story Telling, This is because many of them are either not aware of the power or do know hot implement it in the marketing Strategy.


  • Not only are we passionate about the marine industry, but we love and understand what it takes to make a Yacht/Boat Sales/Charter business stand out. We understand how to translate the love of our clients for boating into heart warming stories. Then we implement them into our overall marketing strategy to multiply help your customers connect with you and your brand. Thus, increasing sales, brand awareness, engagement, loyalty and trust.


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